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Plümat FFS 992 & SFC - Istanbul

"We are operating the FFS line to poduce bags with SFC connectors since 2014. Our experiences show that the FFS machines supplied by Plümat are very reliable and easy to operate."

"The SFC system shows a constant and reliable quality. Deliveries for machines, as well as components are in time and fulfil all our requirements.



Plümat BFM007 - USA

"We are operating the equipment to fill IV solutions in flexible plastic bags since 2018 in laboratory setting.
Our experience shows that the BFM machines made by Plümat are very reliable and easy to operate. Plümat has been receptive to incorporate Pfizer user experience including equipment
customization for use."

Wahid Khan
Director, Pharmaceutical Sciences Team Lead


Plümat FFS 922 - Thailand

"We are satisfied by the quality of your services and appreciate your responsiveness and professionalism in business. ANB has installed FFS 922 machine for non-pvc bag since 2018. We are pleased with the machine performance , after sales services including maintenance protocol. Documents provided were completely professional.

Thank you so much , we will be looking forward to a good continuing business relationship."

Sirarah S.

Production Manager

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