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From development to production

Prototype development

Port systems, bags, bottles

PLÜMAT Packaging Systems is the leading manufacturer for the pharmaceutical industry providing customer specific bag systems and injection molded components.

Our scope in focus is on-demand development of individual bag designs related to applications for single & multi chamber bags, mini bags (1ml upwards) based on Polyolefin & EVA materials which are linked to an individually injection molded connector system, paired with the required machinability as a total package of a future manufacturing system.      

From prototyping up to serial production, highly qualified and efficient project teams trade-in their extensive pharmaceutical packaging experience and provide smooth and holistic considerations in all phases of development.

Rapid development based on a comprehensive, available features and resources

  • CAD work stations incl. material flow analysis

  • 3D printer

  • Two-component injection molding

  • Bag welding robot

  • Test laboratory

At a glance

  • We develop your ideas from prototype to serial production

  • Mini bags from 1 ml and up

  • Multi chamber bags with and without peel seal

  • Bags in individual shapes and formats

  • Connector systems for bags

  • Connector systems for bottles

  • Injection moulded plastic components

  • Corresponding production machinery/technology

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