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Leak Detection

PLÜMAT vacuum leak detection

This semiautomatic leak detection system is designed to serve in offline sample testing of filled solution bags to verify the bag tighness.

For this purpose, a vacuum test method which is gentle on the product and packaging is used. This integral vacuum test is non-destructive and has no negative impact on the quality of the end product. The sensor system of the machine detects the leaking liquid (product) from a leak respectively its condensate. The machine is suitable for checking mono and multi chamber bags, basically equipped for different bag volumes. Depending on the bag dimensions the machine can process several bags per test chamber and test process. The test chambers are equipped with bag receptions with full flow capability in order to be able to detect potential holes on the entire bag surface. The bag receptions can be easily removed for a format change or for cleaning purposes.

Leak Detection Plümat.png

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