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Empty bags

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Empty bag production

- Polyolefin bags for ANY customer specific requirement -


Customer specific or standard pharmaceutical bags with numerous connector systems and functions can be produced on latest generations of qualified PVC/EVA or polyolefin bag making equipment. Typical consumer materials such as tubular or flat film and different connector and stopper systems can be assembled in different configurations (e.g. double tube bags with one pre-inserted stopper). For product information integrated printing variants are available such as hot stamp printing and TTP.

Available manufacturing capacities are dedicated to ease time to market and can also be used for product registration purposes under qualifiable industrial manufacturing conditions. The equipment in operation also covers small and medium-sized quantities in order to lower investments in ramp up phase.


At a glance:

  • Customized bag designs

  • Rapid time to market

  • Bag sizes 100ml – 5.000ml

  • Multi chamber bags (with peel seal)

  • Connectors systems: such as tubes and SFC (single or double connectors)

  • Materials: all qualifiable multi-layer films

  • Printing: printed or unprinted

We develop your ideas from prototype to serial production

  • Mini bags for special applications (1ml -20ml)

  • Multi chamber bags

  • Bags in individual shapes and functions

  • Connector systems for bags and bottles

  • Injection moulded plastic components

  • Corresponding production machinery/technology 

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