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MFC port system

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MFC port system

- Applicable for bottles and bags -


This multi functional connector system incorporates the PLÜMAT MFC cap and a weight optimized diamond-shaped port for flexible polyolefin bags.

The MFC cap can be used either for flexible IV bags or for IV bottles.

Standard infusion solutions as well as higher value-added products are part of the targeted product range.

The administration side features a spike point for conical infusion-spikes and the injection side provides a size and weight optimized rubber septum.  Both access points are membrane protected and covered with a tamper evident aluminum seal.

To achieve an excellent machinability/weldability, the standardized material recipes can be customized corresponding to the individual bag or bottle material in use.

MFC Bag.png
DSC09113 Kopie.png

At a glance:

  • MFC cap suitable for PP bottles and PP bags

  • MFC port suitable for PP bags

  • Rubber free spike sealing function

  • Injection rubber separated by PP membrane

  • One material for bottle and cap

  • PP medical grade meets the requirements of European Pharmacopoeia chapter 3.1.3 and 3.1.6

  • Connection points covered by aluminium seal

  • Suitable for autoclave sterilization at 121°C

  • Excellent material clarity

  • User friendly application

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