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 pharmaceutical bottle filler - filling & sealing bottles

BFL 352 / 354

- Integrated manufacturing – from your ISBM/SBM/EXBM to your Polyolefin bottle -

Pharmaceutical bottle filler process from empty bottle to finished product

The latest generation of the PLÜMAT BFL – Bottle-Fill-Seal (BFS) system with open door intervention is available with an automatic bottle-picking station and a bottle buffer system. The perfect pharmaceutical bottle filling and sealing machine.

  • PP/PE bottles for any kind of application – in standard or customized bottle designs.

  • Primary containers are available as a consumer part or they can be manufactured in a separate stretch blow molding or extrusion blow molding machine.

  • Economical component consumption saving hangers and caps

  • No rejects of empty bottles as buffer system activates automatically

  • PP/PE-materials in medical grade and in conformity to European and US Pharmacopeia.

  • Glass-transparency of container (PP)

  • Closed-system & self-collapsible IV container (depending on design and material)

  • Output up to 5.000 bph


State of the art pharmaceutical liquid filling machines with low down times, less cap rejects paired with high sustainability and productivity.


Filling & Sealing
- Production -

Empty pharmaceutical plastic bottle


White MFC cao with silver seal
a splash of water or another fluent solution with small drops around it



Pharmaceutical bottle filled and sealed

Empty bottle

MFC cap

Your solution

Finished bottle


Machine lifetime of more 
than 20 years! 


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