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SFC port system


SFC port system

- Patented safety -


In 2004 PLÜMAT developed and patented the SFC port system as a single function connector for multiple applications of pharmaceutical infusion solutions.

Main focus of our development was the creation of a worldwide standard in order to meet the needs of health care professionals in everyday life.

Furthermore it is paired with highest machinability and process safety based on our long term experience in the optimization of welding Polyolefin materials.

The SFC ports system is used globally for standard IV and irrigation solutions - as well as cytostatic, dialyses, parenteral nutrition and antibiotic applications.


At a glance:

  • Single function connector for PP bags

  • Suitable for all PP multilayer films

  • PP medical grade meets the requirements of European Pharmacopoeia chapter 3.1.3 and 3.1.6

  • Rubber material meets the requirements of European Pharmacopoeia chapter 3.2.9 - latex free

  • FDA listed and DMF registered

  • Suitable for autoclave sterilization at 121 ° C

  • Sterile connection point

  • Minimal risk at highest processability

  • Excellent material clarity

  • Caps available in 12 different colors

  • User friendly application

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